This is great honor to be able to sit with you here in Switzerland
我很榮幸能夠和大家在瑞士歡聚一堂 and see all of your beautiful faces,
看到大家熱情洋溢的笑臉 so many different colors
你們的膚色各異 and places you come from so many backgrounds .
你們來自如此多元化的背景 when Ilook out there, 當我望向那裡 I see my family ,the tribe of many colours,
我看見我的家人,彩虹部落(the tribe of many colours) and I just I am really pleased to be here with you today.
我今天非常高興能和你們在一起。 it was severl months ago,
幾個月之前, that I was at another workshop working in Arizona in the United States, 我還在美國亞利桑那州舉辦工作坊, and when I was outside to say my prayer as I do everynight,
一天晚上,我和平時一樣外出祈禱, and I was showed something very perticuler I was showed a very beautiful city.
一些非常特別的東西出現在我眼前,那是一座非常漂亮的城市。  and the bells were ringing.
我還聽到了悅耳的鈴聲。 In front of me stood this great big building which I thought was a church.
我前方矗立著一幢巨大的建築物,我想那應該是一座教堂。 and it was lettered with light around
And I was told to go to Switzerland,
我被告知要去瑞士, that’s people need to hear the messege.
那裡的人們需要我去傳達訊息。 and I said ok.I will go.
我說,好的,我會去的。 and it wasn't a week later, that I received () invitation.
不到幾周,我就收到了()邀請。 and I said yes, I would go, knowing that I have to go to Switzerland,
我說是的,我會去的,我知道我一定會去瑞士的。 and to take as I was saying my prayer is right outside, the bells start to charming,
就像之前我提到的,我在外面祈禱時看到的景象,聽到了悅耳的鐘聲。 and I look up this building, with the lights surround it.
當我抬頭望向這座燈光環繞的建築物時 and I realize I was here I was seeing it for the second time.
我意識到這是我第二次看到它了, So I know I ‘m exactly in where I supposed to be ,
所以我明白,現在正呆在我應該要來的地方。 my name is kiesha Crowther,
我叫kiesha  Crother
and I come from a very very small town in Colorado.
我來自科羅拉多州一個很小很小的城鎮。 And ever since I was a child,
在我小的時候  I was able to see energy inside many things that was alive,
就能看到生命體內部的能量 many colors vibrate through anything that is alive,
五彩的顏色在生命體內部振動 and I’ve been able to speak to animals, and hear what they have to say,from very younger age,
在我很小的時候,就已經能夠與動物交談,聽他們說話, and most people think that would be very cool,
很多人都會認為那一定很神奇, but as a little   kid, I knew that I was very very different.
但是對於一個小孩來說,我知道自己非常的異于常人。 So this made my life very very hard,
這為我的生活帶來了很大的困擾。 not being like everyone else.
不像其他人只在這個世界學習, And I was learning lesson from the other side
我同時還在另一個世界學習, the voice will teach me very specifically things I needed to learn.
那裡的聲音教給我一些必須學會的具體知識 So that one day I would be able to teach these things.
以便有一天我能把這些知識傳授給其他人 Before a long time, I just thought I was crazy,
很久之前,我曾經認為自己一定是瘋了, I thought I was different
我覺得自己與眾不同   I didn’t understand why I was hearing and being taught from a voice?
我不理解自己為什麼會一直聽到那一個聲音,為什麼那一個聲音會來教我學習?   I didn’t understand why I was seeing energy, or why I can hear animals?
我不理解為什麼我可以看到能量,還有我能聽到動物說話? And for a long time, I just thought I didn’t have a place in this world,
很長一段時間,我都認為自己在這個世界上沒有一席之地。 but when I turned thirty,
但是當我到了30歲, I received the phone call from the indigenous tribe in north America,
我接到了一個來自北美土著部落的電話, and an elder told me they knew that I was being taught by the other side since very young age.
那名長老告訴我說,他們知道我從小時候起,就開始接受來自另一個世界的教育, And they told me it was time for me to become the one to be called little grandmother,
他們還告訴我,現在是時候讓我成為所謂的“小祖母”了(little grandmother),
and become a Shaman
做一個薩滿 and a wisdom teacher,
以及做一個充滿智慧的老師 and that there are others just like me,
也有些人像我一樣 there were 11 others ,wisdom keepers,
這個世界上還有另外11個智慧傳承者 who just like me receiving the same messages
他們也像我一樣接收到同樣的資訊 and we had very important role to play on planet,
我們都在這個星球上扮演重要的角色。 I was not raised to be a public speaker,
我從小並沒有接受過公眾演講的專業訓練 and so this is very hard for me ,
所以,我不得不說這真的很難 and I’m still learning ,
我現在仍然在學習中 but I did promise to be the best wisdom keeper I could be,
但是我發誓,一定成為最好的智慧傳承者, to be the best shaman that I could be,
盡我所能,成為最好的薩滿。 and so although the scary
儘管還是有一點害怕 ,I’m here to teach you about the lessons I was taught
我還是在這裡教大家我所學到的知識 from the other side, from Mother Earth,
這些知識是來自另一個世界,來自地球母親那裡, and from my indigenous elders, the continent counselor, the indigenous elders.
It ‘s long time ago, on the Planet, something incredible happened,
很久很久以前,在我們這個星球上,發生了難以置信的事, and the poles shifted,
地球的磁極發生了轉換 and the people living at that time a long time ago, were the Atlantis, the Lemurians , the Sumerians,
那時候,亞特蘭蒂斯人,利莫里亞人和蘇美爾人還居住在地球上 they were very real people,
他們是非常真實的人。 not things such as you read in story tales or fairly tale
而不是在看神話故事中出現的主人公 They were very real,
他們是真實存在的 they were our ancestors,
他們是我們的祖先。 when the pole shifted,
當磁極轉換後 and ice age began,
冰河時期揭開帷幕 and they started to go through this ice age , 這些祖先開始度過這個冰河時期 And when the ice started to melt, the waters came up,
冰雪開始融化,海水上湧 and started taking over their lands.
並且逐漸淹沒了他們的陸地 And when the water rose,
當海平面上升時, they got into their different ships,
他們就坐上不同的船 and went to different places around our planet,
來到我們星球的不同地方 and started to live in different area in our continents, 
開始在地球大陸的不同地區生活 the Mayan people are Atlanteans,
瑪雅人就是亞特蘭蒂斯人 The Aboriginal   people are Atlanteans,
澳大利亞土著人就是亞特蘭蒂斯人 the hawaiian peoples and peoples in indonesia island  are  the   Sumerians people ,
夏威夷和印尼群島的土著是蘇美爾人 the wataha people in new zealand are lemurian 
住在新西蘭的瓦塔哈人是利莫里亞人 and so  their ancient  teachings and their ancient wisdoms are still alive on our planet today.
所以,古老的知識和智慧依然在這個星球上傳承。 Their ancestors held this truth,
他們的祖先保留著一些真理, and now this truth are being ask to given back to the people,
現在,這些真理都要還於大眾 their prophecies ,these people’s prophecies for hundreds of years have been talking about the time on our planet when the poles switch shift again,
數幾百年來,這些古老的土著部落預言,我們的星球,在某個時間點上,將會再次發生磁極轉換 and now it is upon us,
現在這一切就發生在我們身上 for hundreds and hundreds of years,the prophecies from indigenous  tribe people who have being saying the time would come,
數百年來,這些古老的土著部落預言,那一刻終會來臨 when Mother Earth switch shift, and be reborn into her heaven,
當地球母親磁極轉換時,她就會在天堂中重生 and this time the people living on planet would have to switch from living from a mind-consciousness into a heart-consciousness , if they wish to enlighten during this shift
如果地球上的人們希望在磁極轉換時揚升的話,在這一刻,他們應該從生活在頭腦意識轉為生活在心靈意識上 This spoke of people who would come to the planet the strongest of the strong, of all souls and all spirits to arrive.
在預言中,那些最最強大的靈魂和靈性存在,都會來到地球。 And this people would shift the consciousness from mind- consciousness into a heart-consciousness and change the world.
這些人會將頭腦意識轉換到心靈意識,並改變整個世界 And this people would be called the tribe of many colours ,
and we are the tribe of many colours,
it is us that they were talking about, we are the ones who have been waiting for.
我們,就是在他們預言中出現的主角,我們,就是他們一直等待的人 The pole shift is happening, it is not going to happen, it has already begun.
磁極轉變現在正在發生,這不是一件未來發生的事件,磁極轉變已經開始了 It is no longer a story that the elder is saying will happen, they are saying it is happening.
磁極轉變已經不再是長老口中一個將要發生的故事了,而是一個已經發生的事實 Due north is no longer due north,
正北方已經不再是原先的正北方 it is changing all over the Planet ,
整個地球都正在改變著 and the poles will not stop shifting until it is completely be shifted.
磁極轉變不到徹底完成之前是不會停止的 the universe of truth that we must understand is the Mother Earth is sacred to all beings,
我們必須理解,地球母親對萬物來說都是神聖的,這是一條宇宙真理。 and we the human beings living upon her will not be allowed to kill her.
依靠她生存的人類絕對不可以去殺害她 and yet we have come very very close.
相反我們和地球母親之間應該更加親密 We have done things we do not have answers for,
我們已經做了難以負責的事 we have done things to planet that none of our science has its ways to fix.
任何的現代科學技術都難於修復我們對地球的所作所為 We are the ones that must change the way we are living,
我們必須要改變自己的生活方式 there is no other people to come and save us ,
沒有其他人會來拯救我們 there is no savior to coming save us ,
沒有救世主會來拯救我們 it is us that must save us.
我們必須自己拯救自己 The ozone layer is disappearing,
臭氧層已經消失了 The Planet’s temperature has ascend into 2 degrees.
地球溫度已經上升了兩度 Although 2 degrees does not affect the human body,
儘管上升兩度對人體沒有什麼影響 it affects wild life immensely.
但卻極大地影響了野生動物 the temperature of the water tells the fish when to give birth or when not to.
水溫決定了魚類何時產卵 And now the fish are not spawning.
現在有些魚類停止產卵了 Some fish spawn year round now
或者,有些魚全年都在產卵 because the jelly fish wait for only 2 days at the years temperature to be warm,
因為水母一年只在水溫合適的兩天內產卵 and when the jelly fish know it is this warm,
當水母知道水溫夠暖時 they give birth thousand of babies,
便會產下上千隻卵 and now the water stay its temperature always,
現在的水溫永遠保持在合適水母產卵的溫度上。 now the whole seas , the Chinese seas,
現在所有的海域,包括中國海域 only have jelly fish,
就只有水母了 there are no fish left.
沒有剩下其他魚類 2 degrees allow bugs and insects to live in the north with the arctic animals live
2度的上升溫度,使得某些昆蟲得以出沒在北極動物居住的地方 and now these animals have never had insect and now the insect are there,
現在這些動物周圍也出現了未曾有過的昆蟲 and they are killing thousands and thousands of all over the caribou,
這些昆蟲讓數千隻北美馴鹿死去 and the polar bears are dying, it’s killing many.
這些昆蟲也殺害了許多隻北極熊,北極熊們正在漸漸離開這個地球, We are the only living species on Mother Earth that create trash
我們是地球上唯一製造出垃圾的物種 and there is mass of trash that is plastic, larger than the size of Texas,sitting in the Atlantic Ocean
在大西洋上漂浮著規模大於德克薩斯州的塑膠垃圾 and something is more serious is the Gulf of Mexico oil’s spill,
墨西哥灣的原油洩漏更加嚴重 it’s much worse than anyone’s speaking about,
實際情況要比人們談論的要嚴重得多 it only takes 30 days of oil to spill to kill the entire Gulf
原油洩漏30天后,就會殺死整個海灣 and it spilt till   over 90 days, the entire Gulf of Mexico is dead.
這次的洩漏事件超過了90天,整個墨西哥灣全部死了 All life is dead in Gulf of Mexico .
所有墨西哥灣的生物都死了 Even the oxygen is dead, no other .
就算是氧氣,也死了,再也沒有什麼留下的了 All of the sea turtles, spawning, giving birth in Gulf of Mexico, they are all die.
所有在墨西哥灣產卵,生育的海龜們也都死了 For oil moved faster ,
因為原油移動速度在加快 and the wells can swam ,
加上油井會移動 90% of all big fish are gone,
90%的大型魚類都死了 it is not just the Gulf of Mexico’s problem,
這不單單是墨西哥灣碰到的難題 but the gulf stream flow through the gulf
當墨西哥灣灣流流經海灣 and come straight to Europe,
直接流向歐洲時 and it is full of oil, underneath where it spilled ,
在溢出處的底部積滿了原油 it is a chamber larger than mount Evans, full of oils and toxic gas,
這些原油的體積要大於伊凡斯山,內部充滿了厚厚的油層和有毒氣體 that it is large enough to split north America in to, 這些油層和氣體足以污染整個北美 even if the smallest amount of gas leaks out, it would kill life, in 20 miles in world of land automatically,
即便是最微小的氣體洩漏,都可以輕而易舉地殺害20英里大陸上的所有生物 and that is just the smallest of amount leaks out .
這僅僅是最微小的氣體洩漏 We have done damage we have no answers for,
我們造成了自身沒辦法負責的傷害 all over the science in the entire world, these not having an answer to fix this.
全世界的所有科學都沒有辦法補償我們犯下的過錯 We have almost killed the Mother Earth ,
我們幾乎殺害了地球母親 and yet, she’s still keeps giving us our every breath,
然而她還是一如既往地為我們提供每一次呼吸需要的氧氣 every drink of water we have ever swallowed,
為我們提供吞咽下去的每一滴水 every meal we have ever eaten ,
為我們提供吞食下去的每一餐 because she loves us.
因為她愛我們 We must have relationship with our Mother Earth.
我們必須維繫自身與地球母親有關係 She is your mother
她是你的母親 it is the universal law that Mother Earth is sacred to all beings,
根據宇宙法則,地球母親對所有生靈來說都是神聖的 and it is the universal law that Mother Earth will go on to protect humanity will be removed before we kill her.
根據宇宙法則,在我們殺害她之前,地球母親依然會繼續保護人類免遭淘汰 So now we realize,
所以現在我們認識到 how important the next couple of years are,
接下來的這幾年有多重要 the poles are already shifting.
磁極已經在轉移中 She will be reborn.
地球母親將會重生 But if we wish to go with her,
如果我們希望能夠繼續伴隨她 we must start living from the heart.
我們必須開始用心靈生活 The more loving you are, the more intelligent you become.
你有越多的愛,你就會變得越聰明 It is our only chance.
這是我們唯一的機會 This is not a story,
這不是一個故事 this is really happening.
這是一件正在發生的事 This is real.
這是真實的 So many of us going through our days, not even being aware of what is happening.
有如此之多的人依然在毫不知情的情況下,度過每日的生活, But this is happening.
但是這件事正在發生 Instead of living in fear, the Grand father’s telling us, it starts living in the heart ,
祖父告訴我們,應當從心生活,而不是生活在恐懼中 because the more loving you are, the more intelligent you become.
因為你有越多的愛,你就變得越聰明 If we start being love, we get the answers how to save our planet.
如果我們開始變得充滿愛,我們就會獲得拯救星球的答案 Then we get to stay.
然後我們就可以繼續生存 If we do not, our children will not have a future.
如果我們不那樣做,我們的孩子將沒有未來 This really is our situation.
這真的就是我們目前的處境 Right now we have no answers on how to heal the ruins on Mother Earth.
對於遭到毀壞的地球母親,我們現在還沒有治癒她的答案 But we can get the answers if we start living from our heart not our brains,
但是只要我們開始從心靈生活而不是從頭腦中生活,我們就能得到治癒的答案 and it is not another generation of people that would chose to be here on this planet now.

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